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About Us


Exotic Hides Decor is a retailer and wholesale supplier of the finest South African Zebra skin hides, and Springbok / Springbuck hides.

We supply felted zebra skin rugs or non- felted Zebra skins in 3 different grades: TROPHY, GRADE A & GRADE B.  Springbok skins are also supplied felted  or non-felted.

We import our superior, handpicked Zebra hides and Springbok / Springbuck skins  direct from South Africa, with US Fish and Wildlife clearance, as we are a licenced US Fish and Wildlife importer.

We have TROPHY, GRADE A and GRADE B Zebra skins /rugs for sale.  

All our Zebra hides are from the Equus Burchelli Zebra specie that are very abundant in Africa and can be legally imported into the USA for commercial purposes. All our zebra hides come from culling programs to control the huge quantities of wild Zebra and are not hunted specific for their hides.

All our Zebra skin hides and Springbok hides were expertly tanned and are very soft.

Feel free to contact us at info@exotichidesdecor.com with any questions.

Exotic Hides Décor  is part of HJX Enterprise LLC, a Texas registered company situated in Burleson TX.



We offer wholesale prices to the trade. If you are a retailer,  interior designer, or furniture manufacturer, please contact us for prices and more info.  We can also supply in bulk to wholesalers.  We can also do arrangements for shipments direct from South Africa for non US customers.