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Welcome to Exotic Hides Décor

Exotic Hides Décor skins and hides are handpickded in South Africa. The skins are then measured and photographed. The un-felted skins are then carefully packed and shipped to our location in the USA.

We  import superior quality Zebra skins and Springbuck / Springbok skins.  We offer exotic Zebra hides in different grades:

We will felt the skin on your request.
We are a retailer as well as wholesale supplier of  Zebra hides and Springbuck / Springbok hides.  

Our Zebra skins are very much in demand by Interior Decoraters. We pride ourselves on our efficient service .
Our prices for our Zebra skins and Springbuck hides,  are the most affordable.  

From ordering the skin to shipping the skin is a matter of one or two days.  If the skin has to be felted, it may take a little longer.

Our shipping policy is a great bonus!